Introducing a New FBO – PAK7

GREENVILLE, SC – PAK7 is a brand-new faith-based organization that is preparing for Christian ministry in Pakistan, the fifth largest country in the world by population. More than 90% of the population, of which 70% are under age 35, are Muslim. Pakistan is also ranked as the 5th most dangerous nation for the persecution of Christians, according to Open Doors’ 2020 World Watch List.

PAK7 is a brand-new Faith Based Organization that is preparing for Christian ministry in Pakistan, the 5th largest country by population.Mark Hausfeld, president of PAK7 USA, says Pakistan has been close to his heart since 1992 when he and his wife served there as part of the drug rehab ministry of Teen Challenge.

Pak7’s mission is “To serve Pakistani Christians in their witness to Jesus Christ and the gospel through exceptional television programming and video content.”

Its long-term strategy is to become a television channel broadcasting to the nation of Pakistan. However, they do not plan to establish a working station until they have laid a foundation that is adequate and capable of broadcasting great programs that will attract people of all faiths and point them to Christ.

The short-term strategy is four-fold.

Create and produce programs for national TV that change attitudes.

PAK7 is preparing programs that have a broad appeal to all Pakistanis. They plan to release these programs to existing national secular TV channels in hopes that viewers will experience a better understanding of the Christian faith and its place in the community.

Create and produce social media videos that lead to online chat.

The group has already begun producing a series of short videos for Facebook, YouTube, and other video platforms. These amazing, professionally-produced clips are designed to appeal to young people who always seem to be connected to their smartphones and portable devices. This approach has become exceedingly more necessary with the transfer of video and community technology away from traditional platforms.

Create and produce programs for Christian TV that grow people’s faith.

Because Christians comprise such a small minority in Pakistan, they are hungry for high-quality programming that will help to strengthen them in their faith. With an initial emphasis on programs for children and young people, PAK7 hopes to license its new programs to and broadcast from existing channels as well as over the internet.

Scale the capacity for video and social media production.

The success of the vision will depend, in part, on investing in the development of native Christian Pakistani filmmakers and media professionals. PAK7 has already begun a series of masterclasses for those Christians already involved in media production. One objective will be continuing to locate and groom young believers for a career of spreading the Gospel through the growing media industry. Capacity is also being created by acquiring new equipment that will enable efficiency, effectiveness, and enlargement of the ministry.

PAK7 has taken advantage of the restrictions imposed by regulations related to the COVID-19 pandemic. World conditions this year have actually worked in PAK7’s favor, allowing the team to remain focused on the all-important short-term strategy that will provide the building blocks for the long-term vision.

Watch this brief video (1:34) to learn more about PAK7.

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