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Record numbers of Iranian citizens have been coming to faith in Jesus Christ. Wherever and whenever people become discontent, they search for something better. Ultimately, the issue is whether they can actually find that something that is better.

The Iranian people are looking for some good news. The Iranian Christians News Agency is offering them exactly that.

The Agency

The Iranian people are looking for some good news — The Iranian Christians News Agency is offering them exactly that.The Iranian Christians News Agency is “a group of Bible-believing Christians who believe in propagating the Word of God.” Their goal, as individuals and as an organization, is to spread the Good News of God’s love and His offer of forgiveness, redemption, and eternal life available through His Son, Jesus Christ.

The Iranian Christians News Agency is also known as the Mohabat News Agency. “Mohabat” is a Farsi word that means “love.” This team of Bible-believing, experienced reporters, journalists, and publishers is one of several organizations intent on making the Good News known to the Farsi-speaking people of Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan who are looking for something better.

On the obverse side of the coin, the Mohabat News Agency’s mission is also to help those of us outside of those countries, Iran in particular, more aware of the life and welfare of the Farsi-speaking Christians.

The Vision

Mohabat News has a ten-fold ministry vision statement that includes:

  • Evangelization of Iranians by publishing Christian news that they would otherwise not read or hear.
  • Communicating news of the persecution of Christ’s followers in countries other than Iran. This brings assurance that they are not the only ones suffering from repression or persecution.
  • Reaching one hundred million Muslims with the Gospel, to give them access to the Bible, and to introduce them to other believers with whom they will be able to worship and fellowship.
  • Unveiling the darkness of Muslim extremism.
  • Assisting Iranian families and individuals with solutions to pressing issues in their lives. This could include reaching out to refugees and reconnecting with families in the diaspora.
  • Providing Bible-based materials and resources for small house-churches that have been formed by former Muslims who are now Christ-followers.
  • Publishing consistently reliable information to NGOs and FBOs that minister to displaced Christian fleeing persecution.
  • Offering encouragement and financial and legal support for Christians imprisoned in Iran.

We are well aware that, as believers, we are all part of one body and that we each have significant God-appointed roles to play. The news media, whether in America or Iran, is predominantly anti-Christian. Let us all be thankful and prayerful for Christian faith-based media outlets like the Iranian Christians News, expressing the love of Christ with Mohabat News.

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Source: Mohabat News, Official Website

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