ISIS’ defeat won’t guarantee safety for Iraqi Christians


As coalition forces back Iraqi military efforts to regain ISIS-controlled cities, the resulting victories in Fallujah and elsewhere leave cause for concern, according to FBI Director James Comey.

Comey believes the defeated ISIS militants in Iraq will take their fight to Western Europe and the United States.

Minorities, particularly Christians, in Muslim-majority Iraq believe that the defeat of ISIS will still leave them vulnerable. Iraq’s Christian population has dwindled since 2003 as may have emigrated to the West.

Despite the upheaval in Iraq, Frontiers USA reports that many Iraqis in makeshift refugee camps near Fallujah are coming to Christ. In the last 18 months, through the work of indigenous missionaries, over 140 of those people in the City of Refuge camp have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior, according to Missions Network News.

“For the first time, there are enough Muslims who have come to faith to actually do the kind of surveying to understand from their perspective what was the attractive thing about the Gospel,” said Frontiers’ President Bob Blincoe. “More than any other answer, they refer to Jesus’ words, ‘Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden. Learn of me, I will give you rest for your souls, for I am meek and humble.’

“This way of the Lord, this unexpected hope for miserable people, for desperate people, is the number one reason.”

Pray for Christian missions in Iraq so that more Iraqis find peace and hope in Christ.

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