ISIS recruits hearing about Christ, coming to faith


In the midst of chaos and destruction caused by ISIS in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere, reports of Christian conversion among ISIS fighters are emerging thanks to the distribution of Bibles by Open Doors.

One pastor reports about an angry man coming to his door and threatening to behead him. The pastor remembered the words of Luke 21:18 that promise God’s protection.

“I told the man, ‘Only if God wills it shall you kill me. Not a hair on my head shall be touched unless it is His will,’” the pastor said.

“The man was in shock because God’s will is important to Muslims. God used a verse in the Bible to reach him. So I asked if I could pray with him and he said yes.”

That militant became a believer in Christ.

Other persecuted believers are reaching out to militant extremists who are responding positively to the message.

“The Saul-to-Paul conversion is an amazing example of what we see today,” said the pastor. “Often the people who were the most dedicated extremists are now the most dedicated evangelists.”

ISIS has not relented in its worldwide recruiting of young adults, who are not likely to hear the gospel once they enter the environment of radical Islam. The Islamists target “fragile people” who flock to the promise of paradise for their martyrdom. Radicalization can happen in days through ISIS indoctrination.

One young French Muslim female was among the large number of ISIS sympathizers leaving Europe to join the jihadists in Syria. When her family finally made contact via Facebook, she wrote back, “I’m in Syria, thank God. I’m finally going to help Syrians.”

“We were in a state of shock,” her sister told CNN. “My sister spoke like she was in heaven, like she had reached her goal. Finally, she thought, she was going to have a role on earth. My mother fainted.”

Pray that God’s gospel light will radically outshine the dark evil of radical Islam.

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