Islands of Peace “Water from the Air” Could Revolutionize Global Access to Clean Water

NEW YORK – With World Water Day approaching (March 22), Islands of Peace announced this morning that it has formed alliances with EcoloBlue and Infinity Concepts that will help to advance the organization’s Water from the Air Project.

History has proven that tension, turmoil, conflict, and even war can arise out of a lack of access to clean water. Access is a matter of survival. An estimated 1.8 billion people use unimproved sources for drinking water, exposing them to chronic illness, disease, and death.

UNESCO estimates that about 1.9 billion people live in areas where water is scarce. Under current conditions, that number is expected to increase by 50% over the next 30 years.

But, what if providing access to water could be a means of promoting peace and prosperity? That is the goal of Islands of Peace, a non-profit 5001(c)(3) that provides non-political, collaborative opportunities to resolve issues that are common to building a better future.

One of those opportunities is finding new ways to generate and distribute clean water. Islands of Peace and its partners are working in the Middle East to provide “some of the purest and healthiest drinking water on the planet” in hopes that doing so might contribute to peace in the region.

The company has embraced a technology that has existed for more than two decades but that has not been viable without the emergence of other technological advances. Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) condenses moisture from the air, filters it, and creates water in places where there is no other natural source. The Water from the Air Project literally produces water out of thin air. The system, which can generate large quantities of water from air with as little as 30% humidity, can be provided on family, community, micro-economy, or regional platforms.

At the community level, the company can supply water for individual families, schools, hospitals, churches, community centers, and orphanages. The smallest home units can produce enough water for an entire family

Coupled with a micro-bottling facility and using biodegradable plastic, the company’s machines can produce 20,000 bottles of water per day.

At the regional level, IOP is designing a platform capable of generating 40,000 liters of water per day.

All the equipment and processing at every level is designed to operate on solar power, making clean water available even in the remotest of areas.


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