It Took a Miracle to Reach the Unreachable

ORLANDO, FL – Reaching the unreached is a core mission of hundreds of faith-based organizations. Doing so is often a formidable task and requires a steadfast trust that the Lord has not left us to do it alone. He makes a way; He guides along the way; He protects as we walk in the way.

Sometimes, it takes a miracle to reach the unreachable. That is precisely what it took for a Jesus Film Project ® team working in Central Asia.

Some people remain unreached because they live in a remote jungle, desert, or mountainous areas. They may be unreached now, but they are ultimately reachable. However, some groups are unreached because they are unreachable. Often these people live in strife-torn regions dominated by religious radicals and armed militias who are determined to keep Christians out of the cities, towns, and villages the militants rule.

Sometimes, it takes a miracle to reach the unreachable. That is precisely what happened for a Jesus Film Project® team working in Central Asia.

The first time they attempted to visit one particular unreachable village, they literally had to run for their lives as they were chased by a machete-wielding mob vowing “to kill you and every infidel with you!”

A year later, their hearts were still burdened for the people in that same village. After much prayer, they received assurance that the Lord wanted them to return. They clearly understood the danger ahead of them, but they were led by faith, not by fear.

That’s when miracles began to happen.

At the first of several checkpoints, they would have to pass along the way, one of the officers asked where the three were going. “South,” they replied.

“So am I,” he said. He asked if they would give him a ride. Although they knew his presence could become their undoing, they invited him along.

The officer sat himself down on some boxes in the back of the Jeep, and they went on their way. Ironically, no one had inspected their cargo before leaving the checkpoint. The officer had no idea that he was literally sitting on a stack of Bibles! The team would surely have been in trouble if the vehicle had been inspected or had the officer known the truth about what he was sitting on.

The team had to pass four more checkpoints before reaching the unreachable village. At each checkpoint, the officer leaned out of the Jeep and told those on duty, “I’m with them. You don’t need to search the vehicle.” Each time, they were waved through.

When the team delivered the officer to his house in that same unreachable village, he invited them into his home for tea as a way of showing his gratitude.

He asked why they had come to his village.

“We’ve come to show a film about the Great Prophet Isa (Jesus).”

He asked what he could do to help them in exchange for the kindness they had shown.

They explained that they had hoped to show the film in the village square, but they would need permission to do so. Turns out that the officer’s brother was the mayor.

Not only did the officer arrange the details for showing the film, but he also committed his police guard to protect them.

That night, where a year earlier, they narrowly escaped death, 167 previously unreachable people trusted Jesus Christ as their savior.

Now, we can participate in this miracle by praying for the Lord to provide, protect, and bless a discipleship ministry to these new believers. The task ahead is still dangerous, but we serve a miracle-working God who specializes in doing the impossible, including making it possible to reach the unreachable.

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