Keys for Kids Begins Work in Pakistan

GRAND RAPIDS – Formerly known as Childen’s Bible Hour, Keys for Kids has, among its other ministries, reached out to children in 161 countries via Radio. Keys for Kids Radio provides “the best Christian kids’ music and programs available anywhere online and all in one place.”

It is often difficult to comprehend the effectiveness of radio ministry unless a listener provides feedback. Executive Director Greg Yoder received some surprising input recently when he took a phone call from a Christian pastor in Pakistan involved in a church planting ministry.

The Pakistani pastor was looking for ways to help to build a children’s ministry in his community. As Yoder explained, the church’s outreach was “focused only on adults and now had their eyes open to the great potential of children’s ministry in such a difficult place to share the Gospel.”

It seemed like the Keys for Kids Storyteller™ would be the perfect solution. The Storyteller™ is a solar-powered MP3 audio device that is loaded an entire audio Bible and hours of Christian stories in their native language. And there was the problem.

Although Keys for Kids and their translating audio devotionals into 100 different languages, the stories were not yet available in Urdu.

Thanks to the pastor’s call, Keys for Kids is entering into a partnership with an organization in Pakistan that specializes in translation of Bible stories and devotional materials.

Based on current usages elsewhere in the world, Keys for Kids estimates that the devices are so popular among unreached populations that more than 130 people who are hungry for the Gospel.

Keys for Kids Radio is available FREE online. Click the “Listen Live” button on the website.


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