Kim Jong Un Sends North Korean Slaves to Russia

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Kim Jong Un sends laborers into countries such as Russia to work and make a profit for the government.

Per Fox News, “Brutal North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is shipping tens of thousands of impoverished citizens to Russia for the hard currency his cash-strapped regime desperately needs, Fox News has found.”

The hard labor sent to Russia from North Korea is equal to the amount of labor sent to China by the same country.

The Seattle Times explains, “Unlike migrant workers in much of the West, destitute decorators from North Korea are so welcome that they have helped make Russia at least the equal of China — Pyongyang’s main backer — as the world’s biggest user of labor from the impoverished yet nuclear-armed country.”

The taxes for foreign laborers from North Korea is high. Often, the taxes are 90% of their income.

MCRTV states, “‘The North Korean government maintains strict controls over their workers’ profits, in some case probably taking 90 percent of their wages,’ said Scott Synder, a director of the Program on U.S.-Korea policy at the Council of Foreign Relations.”

The international sanctions have plummeted North Korea’s economy and Kim Jung Un is desperate for money to fund his nuclear program.

Fox News reports, “International sanctions have crippled North Korea’s economy. The country produces few goods suitable for export. Kim needs money any way he can get it.”

North Korean laborers helped build a soccer stadium for next year’s World Cup. One person died while building the stadium. Another person died in a hostel near a site, in which they were building apartments.”

Per Seattle Times, “North Korean laborers helped build a new soccer stadium in St. Petersburg to be used in next year’s World Cup, a project on which at least one of them died. They are working on a luxury apartment complex in central Moscow, where two North Koreans were found dead last month in a squalid hostel near the construction site. They also cut down trees in remote logging encampments in the Russian Far East that resemble Stalin-era prison camps.”

Workers do nothing but work, eat and sleep.

Fox News explains, “‘They don’t take holidays. They eat, work and sleep and nothing else. And they don’t sleep much,’ the Russian boss said. ‘They are basically in the situation of slaves.’”

North Korea is the worst country for Christians in terms of persecution.

Open Doors reports, “Due to ever-present surveillance, many pray with eyes open, and gathering for praise or fellowship is practically impossible.”

Please pray for an end to slavery in Russia. Also, pray for the Christians, that somehow, they would be able to share Christ’s hope with others. Pray they would be bold, no matter what.

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