Kingdom Workers Doing Whatever It Takes

WAUKESHA, WI – God’s kingdom workers are to follow Jesus’ pattern. All Christians must be willing to do whatever it takes to respond to the Father’s love and share the Gospel message with others. The nonprofit organization, Kingdom Workers, follows that pattern and is an example for the rest of us who claim Jesus as our Savior and Lord.

Whatever it Takes

Its broad array of services used to assist communities & share the Gospel in different ways & in different places make Kingdom Workers unique
Photo by Kingdom Workers, Builders For Christ: Immanuel Lutheran, Wisconsin

“We do whatever it takes to create encounters with the love and healing of Jesus.”

Kingdom Workers is a faith-based international ministry under the umbrella of the Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference. Their work is less country-based than community-based. That is to say, that, as they are made aware of the needs of communities and local churches, regardless of country, Kingdom Workers will respond, as they are able, to do whatever it takes to come alongside the beneficiaries of their labors and help to resolve issues at hand with innovative sustainable solutions.

According to the KingdomWorkers website, every solution, regardless of the location or situation, integrates three essential criteria.

  • Everywhere we go, we work to meet the human needs of the people we serve, as identified by local leaders who know what is needed most deeply.
  • Sharing Jesus’ healing love and redemption is at the center of every initiative and every interaction.
  • We partner with local community members to empower and embolden them to create sustainable change.

Wherever They Go

Every Kingdom Workers’ initiative and relationship is an opportunity to introduce people to Jesus. When they speak about lasting change, they are talking about endeavors that have an eternal impact that brings glory to God.

Preventive medical care in Linares, Chile, is nearly unknown. Kingdom Workers in Linares and surrounding communities provide opportunities for healthcare education and treatment while drawing men and women into personal relationships with Christ.

WASH training is at the heart of the Kingdom Workers ministry to the families of Ethiopia and South Sudan.

Granada has limited resources to help children with cognitive disabilities. KingdomWorkers is supporting the island’s communities with the Holistic Approach to Neurodevelopmental Learning Efficiency (HANDLE) program.

Work in rural Indonesia includes providing clean water, sanitation, health education, illness prevention, and childhood education.

Team members teach English as a Second Language in Mito, Japan. Using the Bible and Bible-based materials has introduced students who have never been in a church to hear the Gospel.

The organization ministers to individuals in Malawi who are disabled. “Families and individuals living with physical and/or cognitive disabilities receive physical, emotional, and spiritual healing from trained volunteers.”

There are only about four doctors for every 10,000 people in Nigeria. One of Kingdom Workers’ local volunteers was overjoyed that “Our program is using healthcare messages and the Gospel to visit homes and evangelize out people so they will know God.” This program is operated as All Saints Rural Health Services.

Here in the United States, Kingdom Workers engages in multiple ministries. Thirty-seven volunteers teach practical home maintenance and repair skills to the natives living on the White Mountain Apache Reservation. Others lead the Youth Garden in East Fork, Arizona, where children learn about gardening and the Gospel.

In addition, elsewhere in the U.S., Kingdom Workers provides support for foster children and families, survivors of relationship violence.

Its broad array of services used to assist communities and present the Gospel in different ways and in different places make Kingdom Workers unique.

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