Lack of Medicine in Venezuela Nearing Catastrophe


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Venezuela is in near crisis mode. Not only do they have no food, but they also have no medicine or medical supplies.

Per Fox News, “Triple digit inflation and a decaying socialist economic model have left medications ranging from simple anti-inflammatory drugs to chemotherapy medication out of reach for most Venezuelans. Patients are asked to bring their own.”

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro requested the UN help by providing them with medical supplies.

BBC reports, “Mr Maduro said the UN had the expertise to normalise the supply and distribution of drugs in the country.”

They don’t have antibiotics, so many times the doctors must amputate where a wound is, so infection doesn’t spread.

Fox News states, “‘We don’t have antibiotics and it’s difficult to get them. Patients need to visit centers and pharmacies looking for the specific one they need,’ said Dr. Jorge Vizcaya, an orthopedic surgeon, to Fox News.”

Medicine is not the only shortage. There is also a shortage of food in Venezuela. This means people must wait in long lines to get anything.

BBC explains, “Shortages of food and many other essential items mean Venezuelans have to face long queues almost daily to buy basic goods.”

One patient, Nancy Perez who is 44 years old, was in need of an antibiotic couldn’t find any, so she had to have her leg amputated.

Per Fox News, “It is currently the case of Nancy Perez, 44, an HUC patient who couldn’t get the antibiotic needed to fight bacteria that entered her body after a fractured femur and pelvis. She lost part of a leg and is at risk of losing all of it.

Venezuela has one of the largest oil reserves, so the fact President Maduro is looking for outside help is an act of desperation.

BBC states, “Correspondents say Mr Maduro’s acknowledgement that Venezuela needs outside help is indicative of the dire situation the country is in, despite having some of the largest oil reserves in the world.”

About 85 percent of medicines are unavailable in Venezuela.

Fox News explains, “According to the Pharmaceutical Federation of Venezuela, 85 percent of drugs are unavailable to Venezuelans, meaning doctors have to make do with the very minimum — sometimes veterinary medications.”

Christian Aid Mission works to share Christ’s hope with the desperate people of Venezuela who escape to Colombia by feeding them.

Christian Aid Mission states, “An indigenous ministry that Christian Aid Mission assists on the Colombian side of the border is providing food and sharing the news of eternal life in Christ with these desperate families in Puerto Carreño Vichada, Garcitas and Arauca.”

Pray the people of Venezuela would be able to get needed medical supplies and food. Pray for those who immigrated to Colombia would come to know Christ’s hope. Pray for the doctors in Venezuela to keep up with patients.

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