Lagos, Nigeria Floods


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In early July, Lagos, Nigeria was hit by torrential rains and thunderstorms. This caused flooding in the city.

Per CNN, “Lagos, one of Africa’s most populous cities, has been hit by torrential downpour and thunderstorms over the weekend that has left many parts of the city flooded.”

The thing that caused the flooding in Lagos, was the poorly planned drainage system. Those areas most affected were the slums of the city.

Quartz reports, “But with the city’s drainage system mostly poorly planned and, in some places, non-existent, flooding has become a costly annual experience. The floods have been mainly seen on Lagos Island, the major business district, with paved roads and streets flooded no thanks to overflowing street gutters. Some of the worst hit areas are also the country’s most expensive residential and commercial real estate in neighborhoods like Victoria Island and Lekki. But the aftermath is also likely to reveal some lower-income slum neighborhoods with poor structures will be also badly affected.”

The Lagos State Commissioner told the Commissioner for the Environment to check frequently flooded parts of the state.

Nigerian Tribune explains, “The Lagos State of House of Assembly on Tuesday called on the Commissioner for the Environment, Dr Babatunde Adejare, to be on his toes to check recurrent flooding in parts of the state.”

Floods are common to Lagos in the height of the rainy season.

Per CNN, “Nigeria’s largest city and commercial capital has been hit by days of persistent heavy rain and storms at the height of the rainy season.

Flooding in Lagos could get worst with a 5-mile new city under construction.

Quartz states, “In the long-term, Lagos’ floods could yet get worse as a result of an ambitious 5-mile new city which is currently under construction. Eko Atlantic, funded by private investors, is planned as a modern economic hub which, once completed, will be home to a new financial district, luxurious apartments and sky scraper office complexes.”

To prevent floods from happening, the government of Nigeria is now required to check canals and other drainage are kept up-to-date.

Nigerian Tribune reports, “In his motion, Yishawu said that the government must ensure that all canals and other drainage infrastructure are cleared frequently.”

The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) does various work in Nigeria to share the hope of Christ to the people of Nigeria.

Per LCMS, “In addition to regular parish ministries being conducted in nearly 40 languages areas, the LCN emphasizes theological education, evangelistic outreach to both urban and rural settings, Bible translation and literacy ministries.” Please pray for an end to the flooding in Lagos, Nigeria. Pray for comfort for all those who have lost their homes. Pray for missionaries in Nigeria to share Christ’s hope in various ways.

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