Latest Japan earthquake minor with no tsunami threat or deaths

JapanbuildingEarthquake prone Japan had yet another earthquake May 16 when a 5.6 magnitude event shook the eastern region of Honshu, the nation’s main island. The epicenter was 60 miles northeast of Tokyo, and about 24 miles underground.

Officials quickly stated that the earthquake would not cause a tsunami, which occurred in northeast Honshu in 2011. That earthquake registered a magnitude of 9 and claimed nearly 16,000 lives.

More recently, Japan has been recovering from two April earthquakes near Kumamoto on Khyushu island in southwest Japan, which caused at least 49 deaths and 3,000 injuries.

The most severe earthquake there registered a 7 magnitude.

Major landslide near Kumamoto left roads and communities destroyed. Survivors have ongoing needs for disaster assistance.

Pray for the earthquake recovery efforts in Japanese as families seek help.

The article above is a simple summary of these news articles:

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The Independent: Japan earthquake: 5.6 magnitude tremor hits east coast

Business Standard: Quake hits Tokyo, eastern Japan cities; no tsunami

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