Lebanon’s Seeds of Hope Farm Doubles Capacity to Feed Families in Crisis

LEBANON — The Middle East war is escalating the financial crisis in Lebanon which was already badly hit economically. Christian charity Help The Persecuted is working quickly to double the capacity of their Seeds of Hope farm which will enable them to feed at least 1,000 families each month while also bridging opportunities to share the love of Christ to those in need.

One of the many most challenging consequences of the current Middle East war is famine. As the fighting began, Christian charity Help the Persecuted immediately initiated plans to double the capacity of their Seeds of Hope farm in Lebanon. The team is currently adding 19 commercial-grade greenhouses to make sure thousands more will have something to eat as winter sets in across a war zone. Help the Persecuted Lebanon team leader Amin explains more about the urgent need to provide food to families in crisis.


“There is much more need for people because Lebanese people, I can’t say that they fell down, they are broken because they have nothing, they have no hope. But thanks God, HTP gave them some hope, even if the hope is little bit, but we need to still and keep going helping those people.”

Seed of Hope farm engineer Jawad explains how God is working through the farm not just to feed families practically but also spiritually.


“God is the motivation behind our work. He is the one to support us in doing this kinds of work faithfully and blissfuly. To reach more people who are seeking Him. Gos is our miracle worker.”

And it’s hoped this expansion will enable them to feed at least 1,000 families each month.

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About Help The Persecuted

Rescue. Restore. Rebuild. Help The Persecuted has been supporting suffering Christians with practical and spiritual help since 2011 and in 2018 was established as standalone charitable organization. We pray our efforts will empower the global Church to flourish not just in Middle East and North Africa, but also in the Western world as we share in their suffering and bear their burdens. Help The Persecuted is a 501(c)3 organization and a member of ECFA, the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability

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