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LOUISVILLE, KY – Life Light Ministries operates children’s homes and Christian schools and trains indigenous Christians for leadership roles in their communities in South Asia.

Life Light Ministries operates children's homes and Christian schools and trains indigenous Christians for leadership in South Asia.
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From its humble beginnings, Life Light Ministries model has been to establish a training ground from which to launch disciples to establish self-supporting, self-governing, and self-propagating local churches.

The faith-based ministry currently has 30 trained Christian workers planting 74 churches in one state in South Asia  in addition to 300 pastors leading ministry programs.

Life Light Ministries’ approach to discipleship has been through the avenue of education. Its schools and children’s home introduce children to Jesus Christ in a way that is accepted by the community and accredited according to government regulations.

The schools and the children’s home provide hope for children who would otherwise face bleak and uncertain futures.

New Beginnings Children’s Home

More than 70 boys and girls between the ages of six and 18 are cared for educationally, nutritionally, and medically. Most had been orphaned and destitute street children who had to scavenge and beg for enough food to survive for one more day.

Some of the children live in the home full-time. Others are fostered by loving, Christian families that are part of the Life Light network.

Once children have completed the normal primary and secondary school curriculum, the ministry continues to support them as they attend a nearby junior college.

Life Light Schools

The two Life Light schools provide a complete educational program from preschool through the tenth grade. These are not after-school programs. The schools are fully accredited and registered as English schools. Students learn about the Gospel through a carefully crafted moral education curriculum.

Like all schools in the area, attendance is tuition-based. The cost per child per month is the equivalent of $12. That amount is sufficient to underwrite all of a child’s school expenses. This is an affordable education that also provides sustainability for the ministry’s financial needs, including support for the more than 100 teaching and support staff members.

Proven Results

Thousands of students have graduated from the Life Light schools and have established a reputation for morality, integrity, and leadership in every section of society within the metropolitan area.

The plan upon which Life Light was built – and the testimony of its programs’ graduates – have successfully achieved an admirably high level of acceptance among the local South Asian population. That is unusual for Christian faith-based organizations in countries where a spirit of nationalism otherwise views those FBOs as threats to the indigenous culture.

Life Light continues to expand its reach, particularly with compassionate work among the country’s AIDS victims and the distribution of solar-powered audio Gospel presentation devices. No electricity? No problem! The Gospel story goes on and on.

To learn more about Life Light Ministries, click on this link to their website.

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