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LAKEWAY, TX – The BLESS Foundation is a Christian FBO dedicated to raising funds to support the projects of other faith-based organizations that are working among people who have not been reached with the good news of Jesus Christ.

The BLESS Foundation is dedicated to raising funds to support faith based organizations that work to reach the unreached with the Gospel
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The BLESS Foundation is rather young compared to most of the FBOs that Missions Box News has featured. BLESS was founded in 2016 by Tabitha and Heath Hale after the couple heard the staggering statistic that

“over 40% of the world has no hope of ever hearing the Gospel and that less than 50% of “Christians” have ever heard of The Great Commission.”

Tabitha had been an event planner, and Heath had been a successful fund-raising auctioneer for charitable causes. Before founding BLESS, Heath had already raised more than $100 million dollars for non-profits all across North America.

What if?

Tabitha and Heath began asking the Lord how He could use their unique combination of talents to reach the unreached. They began asking a series of “What if?” questions.

What if we were all created for a greater purpose?

What if we were each given gifts designed to play a part in a grand puzzle, divinely pieced together at just the right time?

What if our gifts are the missing pieces God wants to use next?

They assembled a talented board of directors, each of whom was already highly successful in their own callings. The board selects projects to support each year, based on which they deem to be the greatest need. Funds are raised from individual donors and special events such as the annual BLESS Christmas Concert and Storytelling Benefit.

More than 500 people attended the first Christmas Concert in Austin, Texas, in 2017. The Hales and 100 volunteers raised more than $500,000 at the event. The following December, the event drew more than 2,000 people and raised over a million dollars.


The board prayerfully determines which projects to fund and how much funding to distribute to each project. Each project addresses one or more of the five categories of ministry the BLESS funds: protecting children, fighting human trafficking, mobilizing cross-cultural workers, advancing the Gospel, and supplying resources.

During 2019, funds from BLESS impacted projects in 30 of the 65 countries in the 10/40 Window. BLESS funded projects undertaken by ZOE Empowers, Global Child Advocates, Story Line, Pioneers, and Christar.

As this past year has come to a close, we expect to hear soon the results of projects funded in 2020 in cooperation with Young Life Africa, Justice Ventures International, Christar, Trans World Radio, and the Ethnos360 Wantakian Bible Translation.

This introduction to the BLESS Foundation is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Readers may learn much more by visiting the BLESS website. Plus, Missions Box hopes to feature several additional articles about the specific projects that have been funded through BLESS.

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Sources: The BLESS Foundation, Official Website

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