Brussels Subway Reopens Month After Attack


The March 22 attack by a suicide bomber on Maelbeek, a downtown Brussels subway station, killed 16 people but crippled the city for only a month as the station reopened in April.

When Maelbeek became operational, the Belgian capital’s underground network returned to full capacity. Officials have maintained high security throughout the subway system.

Joe Szabo, senior pastor of the Christian Center in Brussels, told Christian Today that members of the congregation were caught up in the attacks, and that staff at the church met to pray that morning.

The church has ministered to refugees and intends to continue its efforts despite the possible terrorist threats.
“We are still believing that we are to love all people in our city,” Szabo said. “We pray for Muslims, for Christians and for the Jewish population. The bombing will not deter us from continuing to carry out our mission to share the love of God with all people.”
Pray for healing in Brussels as they city continues to recover from recent terrorist strikes, and for churches like Christian Center and their commitment to refugee ministry.

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