Major Milestones for UK Wall of Answered Prayer Christian Landmark

BIRMINGHAM, UK – The Wall of Answered Prayer is a piece of public art with one million bricks, each representing an answered prayer. The aim of the project is to preserve and celebrate the UK’s Christian heritage and inspire the nation to pray.  The architectural sculpture will use state of the art technology so that visitors can use their phones to read the answered prayers which each brick relates to.

After a global architectural design competition, spanning 3 years, run by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), the winner and location is announced today.  Over 130 architecture practices from 28 countries submitted their concepts for The Wall of Answered Prayer to the RIBA, with just five making it onto the shortlist for the second round of judging.

The winning submission by Snug Architects was commended for its unique interpretation of the brief and appropriately challenging design, featuring dynamic geometry and a stunning representation of a Mobius strip – (a non-orientable surface which seemingly has no beginning and no end) Its innovative approach of incorporating the visitor centre within this piece of architectural public art set it apart, creating a striking image as it towers 50m high into the skyline.

The 50-metre high arching structure which dominates Snug’s design will be situated on a strategic 10-acre site between the M6, M42 and HS2 at Coleshill Manor on the edge of Birmingham, and is expected to be seen by more than 500,000 people every day.  The land has been donated by the Edmiston family and that in itself is an answered prayer

Richard Gamble, CEO of The Wall of Answered Prayer, shares:

The vision is for hundreds of thousands of people to come and visit this monument, to read stories that relate to their own situation that they can see somebody who’s had the same circumstances that they have, but then they can discover the God who is alive, who listens and who answers. And that’s the ultimate aim.

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