Major Sign of Revival as 4,500 are Baptized at Pirates Cove

CALIFORNIA — Inspired by the movie “Jesus Revolution”, thousands of people came from all across America and the world over the weekend to take part in a “Jesus Revolution Baptism” at the now-famous Pirates Cove in Newport Beach, California.

Harvest Christian Fellowship Sr. Pastor Greg Laurie held the massive baptism event following his latest SoCal Harvest Crusade, where 32,500 people gathered and 6,794 made decisions to dedicate their lives to Jesus Christ.

Laurie, whose salvation story is featured in the “Jesus Revolution” film and who was also baptized at this location 50 years ago, couldn’t believe the size of the crowd.

Inspired by the movie Jesus Revolution, thousands of people came from all across America and the world to take part in a Jesus Revolution baptism at the now famous Pirates Cove.

Pastor Greg Laurie, whose story is featured in the film and was baptized here himself 50 years ago, couldn’t believe the size of Saturday’s crowd.

Pastor Greg LaurieHarvest Church:

We have around 4,000 people signed up to be baptized today. Can you believe?

Thousands of people line the seawall at the iconic Pirates Cove to wait their turn as Pastor Laurie explained to the crowd what baptism really means


Because you’re saying goodbye to the old you, buried with Christ in baptism, so you might walk in newness of life, that’s what the Bible says. So you’re coming out saying, I’m making this commitment, and you’re doing it publicly in front of friends and family.

Shelly came from Arizona with her three nieces to be baptized for the first time.


I saw the movie at first, and then I realized that we all needed to get baptized. I feel wonderful. It’s a new life.

Newport Beach Mayor Pro Tem Will O’Neill called what’s happening here incredible.

Will O’NeillNewport Beach Mayor:

Not only are they baptizing people, but they’re really bringing a community together. And look, we spend a lot of time thinking about water quality here in Newport Beach, but nothing is more pure than what’s happening right now, and it’s just a special thing to see today.

Pastor Laurie says he’s thrilled to see the impact the movie “Jesus Revolution” is having on a new generation. He’s urging Christians to keep praying for revival so that what’s happening in Pirates Cove will spread across the nation.

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