Composer Nicolae Moldoveanu Honored at the Heaven’s Gate Church in Timisoara Romania

ROMANIA — A less common event for the evangelical community in Timișoara took place a few days ago at the “Heaven’s Gate” Church in the municipality on the Bega (River). It’s about the evangelical culture symposium “Nicolae Moldoveanu.”  A recent report from this event provides more details.

In the year in which Timișoara is the European Capital of Culture, the evangelical community in the city wanted to present one of the composers and authors who, through everything he created, wanted to give praise to God. It’s all about Nicolae Moldoveanu, a personality who established himself in the Romanian evangelical culture.

The evangelical culture symposium “Nicolae Moldoveanu” was hosted a few days ago by the “Heaven’s Gate” Church in Timișoara. The event was initiated and organized by the Catănă family.

Many here knew, even personally, Nicolae Moldoveanu. But this evening is an additional opportunity to know him, and for you to discover, perhaps, some details from the life of the composer who lived for the glory of God, composed for the glory of God, created for the glory of God.

Regardless of whether we consider him a David of Romanian spirituality or a Bach of Romanian hymnology, it is clear that when we talk about Nicolae Moldoveanu we are actually talking about Romanian song with the-theme ofJesus Christ.

In the opening, Gheorghe Catănă said that, in the Christian world of Romania, culture is not only consumed, but also created.

The evangelical sphere and the Christian sphere in Romania consume culture and, at the same time, produce culture. Because our services are full of songs, poems, there are literary works of various kinds. And in the evangelical Christian sphere, with a preponderance, we have a culture that we call tonight “evangelical culture”.

Nicolae Moldoveanu composed over 8,000 hymns and spiritual songs, many of them being included in the repertoires of most evangelical churches in Romania, as well as of The Lord’s Army movement. Several compositions were performed on the occasion of the symposium in Timișoara.

Among the guests at the event was Daniela Moldoveanu, daughter of Nicolae Moldoveanu, and her granddaughter Cristina Lazar-Moldoveanu also sent a message.

Daniela Moldoveanu:

To live for the glory of the Lord, to sing for the glory of the Lord, means renunciation, it means suffering, and much pleasure for the Lord, and a life of prayer. Dad used to say: “I came into the world by God’s will, and I was included in His plan of salvation, and He did a work through me.” It is not to his merit. So many things have been said… truthfully. But what I want to say, the most important thing is to look to my father’s God, without Whom he would not have been what he was. All the glory, all the attention and all the blessing belong to the Lord.

Cristina Lazar-Moldoveanu:

A man who had his schedule with God every day, composed, wrote, read, prayed, received countless guests, and yet he made time for me… his granddaughter.

Some of Nicolae Moldoveanu’s songs have been translated into English by Dorothy Elford who was present at the event at the “Heaven’s Gate” Church.

I didn’t know much about Nicolae Moldoveanu before, but four years ago learned about him, his story, the fact that he suffered for the Gospel and the fact that he never let himself be discouraged. Even in prison he continued to write songs, and did so until the end of his life. He is an inspiration to me and I think he should be an inspiration for all of us.

Vocal and instrumental ensembles as well as soloists from Timișoara and Arad participated in the “Nicolae Moldoveanu” evangelical culture symposium.

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