Many Gospel Responses at Dr Youssef’s Hope Ireland Celebration

DUBLIN — Leading The Way Founder and President Dr Michael Youssef shared an uncompromising Gospel message as thousands flocked to the Hope Ireland celebration events in Dublin and Belfast September 1st and 3rd.

After a year of preparation with many different churches it’s hoped the impact of these outreach events will spark a movement of evangelism in Ireland.

More than 3,000 people flocked to hear well-known preacher Dr. Michael Youssef share a Gospel message during a series of celebration events called Hope Island.

Dr. Michael Youssef:

Whether it is a deep discontentment, whatever it may be, God can meet you with his invitation tonight.

And 110 people responded to his invitation to turn their lives to Jesus Christ during both evenings in Dublin and Belfast. Dr. Youssef explains why it was so vital to bring an uncompromising, simple message of Gospel hope to the people of Ireland at this time.

Dr. Youssef:

We need really what I call pure apologetics, just letting the Bible speak for itself. And as Martin Luther said, the Word of God is like a lion. You cannot defend the lion. Let the lion speak. And so that’s really the message I am bringing to Ireland, that Christ and Christ alone can give you hope, not only in this life, for all of eternity.”

He concluded by sharing his hopes for the long-term impact of this outreach.

Dr. Youssef:

“I want people to come and join the Church when they come to Christ. But then the movement continues. So those people who are trained to share Christ, we’re going to keep on witnessing. And the prayer is that 10, 15 years, if the Lord does not return in the meanwhile, people will be sharing their faith and ignite a Holy Spirit movement in Dublin, in Belfast or wherever God calls us.

And it’s hoped the impact will be even more far-reaching globally, as the Hope Island celebrations in Dublin and Belfast were also broadcast through Leading the Way’s television ministry to millions of homes around the world.

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