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BRUNSWICK, GA – The vision of MAP International becomes readily apparent as soon as their website opens on your browser. The message in big, bold letters is, “Everybody gets sick. Not everyone gets medicine.”

MAP International is a Christian FBO dedicated specifically to procuring and providing healthcare essentials for public health, & disaster relief worldwide.MAP International is a Christian FBO dedicated specifically to procuring and providing healthcare essentials for public health, disease prevention and treatment, and disaster relief in places around the globe where people live in despair.

Imagine being a doctor working in a hospital in a developing country in the 10/40 Window. You operate in a modest facility where you can diagnose patients, but you are unable to treat them because of a lack of equipment or medication.

Imagine being a mother who has walked for miles to reach one of these hospitals. Your child is desperately sick. You don’t understand why. You need medical help. Then your hope is shattered when, because of a lack of medical supplies, even the doctor at the hospital cannot help your child.

This is neither a metaphor nor an isolated case. The evidence from the data is clear, as MAP records on its website.

  • Two billion people live without access to the medicines they desperately need.
  • Nearly 1.6 million children will die this year for the lack of simple antibiotics that are used to treat acute respiratory infections.
  • More than 525,000 children under the age of five will die from diarrhea, easily treated with Oral Rehydration Therapy.
  • In Africa alone, one in five children will die needlessly before their fifth birthday from a disease that, in the West, would otherwise be cured with basic medicines.

MAP’s mission is “to provide medicines and health supplies to those in need around the world so they might experience life to the fullest.” That is no small task. But, through collaboration with their partner organizations, MAP has proven that it is possible to secure vast quantities of medical supplies and to efficiently deliver them to wherever they are needed.

In 2019 alone, MAP

  • Responded to 13 major disaster relief efforts with more than $16.7 million in supplies.
  • Collaborated with 1,052 partner organizations to deliver more than $550 million of medical supplies across 98 countries.

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, MAP airlifted three million masks, 300,000 pairs of gloves, and more than 1,000 articles of protective clothing to China and several other East Asian countries. MAP has already provided similar supplies, medicines, and soap to countries in Europe, Latin America, and Africa.

The 65-year-old FBO has been honored and recognized by numerous prestigious organizations, including being rated as one of the top chanties in America by Forbes.

The closing comment from an observer of MAP International reminds us that it is a Christ-centered, people-serving, faith-based organization.

“I was impressed at seeing the work they do. Their passion makes them reach millions of people worldwide by providing medicines and other vital needs for the poor. In all they do, they glorify Jesus and strive to follow His example to care for the sick and less fortunate.”

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