Marching for Life in Washington, D.C. 2020

WASHINGTON – In many ways, the annual March for Fife in Washington this January was like the many marches before. Yet this time president Donald Trump showed up to encourage the marchers. The focus of the crowd, as always, was saving unborn babies.

So why do a hundred thousand or more people show up at these marches for life? Because 62 million babies have died by abortion, a number almost too big to conceive of. Well, there’s a graphic that shows 19 states shaded. If every person in those states was suddenly killed, that would equal those 62 million babies dead by abortion.

Sarah Gorman might well have been among that number.

“When my mom was pregnant with me, they said I was supposed to be born with a mental disability, and that she should abort me. And one thing she always remarks on is the pressure they put on her to have an abortion.

My father and my mother said ‘no, we’re not going to have an abortion. We’re going to have Sarah. Because god’s created her to be exactly who she’s supposed to be. And if she’s supposed to be born with a mental disability, then that’s god’s plan, and we’re going to accept that.”

And, by the way, the doctors were completely wrong. Sarah’s fine and going to father Dave Pivonka’s Franciscan university.

Father Dave Pivonka, Franciscan U President

“Those who are most vulnerable, the child in the mother’s womb, what does it say of a society that says that’s disposable or because the child is inconvenient, that that baby can be aborted?”

David Bereit, founder of the 40 days for life movement, says abortion is feeding a dark, deadly side of our culture.

“We’re a more violent and angry society than we ever have been. I would say that this culture of death which has spread across our land for these 47 years since roe v wade has led to a lot of that toxicity, that caustic nature. And also, we’re a culture that embraces violence as a so-called solution to a problem.”

Brandi Swindell, a prominent pro-life leader, says abortion goes against the very nature of who women are.

“Women were never designed to kill our offspring. It’s not who we were created to be. It’s not what we were designed to do.”

And so these multitudes march, for the women and for their babies.


“we’re not going to give up this fight, that human life has value, it’s sacred, it should be respected, and those most vulnerable, the child within the mother’s womb is most vulnerable, and if we don’t speak for them, who’s going to?”

Think of the unborn: each one has characteristics like fingerprints and DNA that makes them different from every other person that’s ever been. And new science now shows us they can feel pain as young as 14 weeks. These aren’t just unfeeling blobs of tissue. They’re unique creations of God, each and every one.

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