Guerrillas Suspected of Kidnapping Journalists in Colombia

Colombia-journalists-jungleColombian government officials are holding the Colombian Marxist rebel group (guerillas), the National Liberation Army, responsible for the kidnapping of three journalists near the border with Venezuela.

Salud Hernandez, a Spanish journalist, disappeared first while working on a story in the northern Colombian region of Catatumbo, a cocaine-producing region that is known for guerilla and organized crime activity.

Two Colombian TV journalists, Diego D’Pablos and Carlos Melo, have since disappeared after going to the same region to cover Hernandez’s disappearance.

Colombia is the world’s largest cocaine producer and has various cartels battling for control of the cocaine trade. The resulting violence has been harmful to Colombian children as their families are often torn apart. The cartels are also known to target evangelicals for fear that they will report illegal activities.

Open Doors, a ministry serving the world’s persecuted Christians, currently has a letter-writing campaign to Colombian children meant to encourage them.

Pray for the safety and return of the missing journalists and for Colombian children who are daily caught in the middle of drug wars.

The article above is a simple summary of these news articles:

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