Military Chaplain Brings Light of Christ into Ukraine’s War Zone

AVDEEVKA, EAST UKRAINE — While bombings and gunfire can be heard almost every night in the town of Avdeevka just a few miles from the war zone on the border with Russia, a volunteer military chaplain continues to put her life on the line to serve those in Ukraine who are seeking to protect their country.

GNA reporter Peter Wooding travelled to East Ukraine to follow Sasha Andriyashina during her ministry efforts to the soldiers in this troubled region.

The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which began more than seven years ago continues to claim the lives of soldiers and civilians.

In the midst of this fighting a military volunteer chaplain supported by the Christian charity Mercy Projects is providing practical and spiritual support to the Ukrainian soldiers close to the Russian border in the town of Avdeevka.

Sasha Andriyashina says as she drives around in her chaplaincy vehicle God always opens up opportunities to minister to those who are defending the country.

I just come up to them and introduce myself and tell them I’m a chaplain, I’m a volunteer and I’m here to serve you. And I’ll be happy to congratulate them with Christmas when it’s coming and to do all kinds of things that as a chaplain I can do including prayer. Because I know that praying for them is extremely important.

Andriyashina is grateful that God has protected her life as she continues in this dangerous mission.

God is good and I don’t hear much explosions right next to me praise God. So I’m thankful for many prayers. I know there are many people who are praying for me. Sometimes I feel like I’m walking on those prayers like clouds and it makes me feel a little better.

And Andriyashina is also dedicated to help many other people in this troubled community including running a Bible Study for elderly women.

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  1. Hello. I would like to offer my services as a Chaplain with the Ukraine Army too. Would someone be able to send me details of how I can do this, and whom I might contact? Thank you.

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