Miracle Outreach Opportunities in Ukraine’s War Zone

EAST UKRAINE — A Christian media outreach broadcasting the Gospel message into East Ukraine is opening up miraculous opportunities to share God’s peace to those impacted by the conflict, as the region teeters of the verge of an imminent invasion from Russian troops.

Great Commission Media Ministries Power to Change campaign is seeing remarkable doors opening up to minister to the troops on the frontlines as their director Hannu Hauka explains.

As the military build up of Russian troops along Ukraine’s borders continues to spark fears of an imminent invasion, Great Commission Media Ministries is stepping their Power to Change outreach campaign to provide hope and peace to the people impacted by this conflict.

As well as broadcasting their Power to Change video testimonies on TV across Eastern Ukraine they’ve also distributed 27,000 copies of their evangelistic booklets.

Their director Hannu Hauka is seeing unprecedented opportunities to minister to the Ukrainian troops on the frontlines as they work alongside chaplains Gennady and Albert

Hannu HaukaGreat Commission Media Ministries Founder and CEO:

We have been able to minister to around a dozen outposts in the Mariupol/Donetsk stretch, which is around 100 km long. We have been to almost every single military post. We’ve talked to them, we’ve ministered to them, we’ve prayed with them. We’ve also left the Power to Change books with them, for which they are very thankful. We’ve had some very deep conversations. We’ve prayed with the soldiers in the trenches, and we’ve prayed with them in the tunnels, which are underground leading to the frontlines. It’s been a tremendous opportunity to do that and we see that the soldiers want to be ministered to, they want to hear somebody pray.

Hauka also shared how they were able to share God’s love with an elderly couple who are the only people left in their village near the war zone.


We gave them the Power to Change book. We ministered to them, we talked to them a lot about the Lord. Gennady shared his experience and Albert shared his experiences as chaplains. And they were so overjoyed that somebody was visiting them. Nobody visits them. There’s nobody there except for them.

And the Power to Change campaign will continue to accelerate their outreach efforts with plans to broadcast on national Ukrainian TV as well as distributed a further 20,000 copies of their booklet.

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