Missing girls in China not because of One-Child Policy


In 1979, China put into law the One-Child Policy. Under this law, parents were only allowed to have one child and other babies were to be aborted. There were missing girls. The boys outnumbered the girls.

CNN explains, “But in a new study, researchers suggest that around 25 million of these girls aren’t actually missing, but went unreported at birth — only appearing on government censuses at a later stage in their lives.”

Many Chinese citizens wouldn’t report the birth of girls, but only birth of boys.

According to News.au.com, “Concerns were also raised about the gender imbalance given the societal preference for boys while claims of sex-selective abortions or infanticide targeting girls also emerged.”
Due to the ageing population, the One-Child Policy has been overturned and has been replaced with a bill allowing for parents to have two children.

Quartz reports, “The policy was officially scrapped last year, as the country grapples with a graying population and ultra-low fertility rate.”
There are many Christians who are in prison for their faith. Write a letter to one of these Christians, to know there is someone who cares for them.

According to ChinaAid, “In some cases, these letters have improved the treatment of these prisoners.”

Please pray for those Christians in prison for their faith and that many would come to know the Lord through them.

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