Modern Indiana Jones on a Mission to Find Lost Biblical Locations

US —In a world where adventure and faith intertwine, we meet Bob Cornuke, a real-life modern Indiana Jones. His mission is not to seek lost treasures, but to prove the accuracy of the biblical scriptures by uncovering forgotten locations. With a background that blends the police intrigue of the FBI and the bravery of an explorer, Cornuke has led more than 70 expeditions in search of these sacred sites, capturing the attention of Hollywood and the media in the process.

A real-life modern Indiana Jones is on a mission to prove that the scriptures are completely accurate. Bob Cornuke, a former FBI-trained police

Investigator, has participated in over 70 expeditions around the world searching for lost biblical locations.

His feats have attracted media attention, including a movie that is currently in production.

Bob Cornuke:

As the Bible points to Arabia, as if the true Mount Sinai is there, I went there and found a peak. It was black at the top and there were things around it. There were columns and altars and writings, and many people said yes, that is the true Mount Sinai. We believe the true Sinai has been discovered. It is in the ancient land of Midian and they are making a Hollywood movie about it.

Cornuke highlights some of the remarkable discoveries he has made, which are also featured in a new book called “Explore”.


The book is about my searches for Noah’s Ark. I have been on nine expeditions searching for the Ark. I have searched for the true Mount Sinai. I have searched for the Red Sea crossing point where the Hebrews fled from the pursuing Pharaoh. I have searched for the Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia in 22 trips.

Bob concluded by explaining what drives him to take on these exploration challenges.


I try to show people the evidence that these ancient historical events are real and true and we can trust the Bible from beginning to end. And if we do, we can have the faith of a child and the world will be changed and we can move mountains with that faith.

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