Myanmar Army and Rebel Forces Continue to Recruit Child Soldiers

child soldiers and vision beyond borders

Targeting boys as young as 11 years old, both the Myanmar army and opposing rebels continue to recruit and even kidnap children for military conscription. Recent pressure from the United Nations and non-government organizations has resulted in the release of some children though recruiting continues.

Recruiters target boys in rural and urban areas when the children are isolated from caregivers. Their families then begin what often takes years to petition and appeal for the release of their sons from war zones.

Parents are turning to Christian organizations like Vision Beyond Borders (VBB) that run children’s homes. Serving Buddhist, animist and Christian families, the homes provide protection and education for the children.

“It’s not only a wonderful option to keep these children safe physically, but also spiritually — to hear the Gospel and to actually grow in that through schooling,” said one VBB leader.

Pray for the protection and deliverance of Myanmar children from conscription for military service.

The article above is a simple summary of these news articles:

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