Narrow Escape for Ministry Team in East Ukraine

UKRAINE — A ministry team from Great Commission Media Ministries narrowly escaped with their lives while delivering aid supplies in the Donetsk region of East Ukraine. They came within just 100 metres of being hit by Russian missiles, but thanks to God’s protection they were able to continue with their aid supplies delivering food packs and Gospel booklets to many families in need.

Despite coming within just 100 metres of Russian missile attacks, a team with Great Commission media ministries has continued to distribute vital aid to families in the Donetsk region of East Ukraine. This is the moment just after they came under fire. A minute later, they continued with their aid distribution.

Here you can hear the voice of the ministry’s John Haukka explaining the importance of continuing their work.

John Haukka:

“But look at this folks, look at this, this is what we do, this is what Gennady and his men do every day here. They are taking huge risks but they love these people and they also love the Russians but we need to help these people because they are defenceless. And here is one way we can do it, we can just send as much aid as possible.

GCMM founder and CEO Hannu Haukka explains more about the vital food packs they’re providing, which also come with gospel booklets.

Hannu HaukkaFounder and CEO of Great Commission Media Ministries:

“And in that in this particular bag we have, we’ll have rice, we’ll have macaroni, we’ll have canned goods, canned meat, and we’ll have flour, we’ll have some kind of spice maybe for the food. So it’s a ration, one bag will probably be good good enough for this family, maybe for a week possibly.

They’ve also provided 6,000 wood-burning stoves throughout the region. Hannu visits the home of one of the families benefiting from one of these stoves.


“They have just finished cooking a meal. You can see that they have the frying pan, they’ve got the tea kettle on. And without this particular wood-burning stove, they would not be cooking a meal and they would not be boiling water either. So for many families it is a life-saving device.”

And despite the ongoing war and dangers they face, Great Commission Media Ministries will continue to serve the many families impacted by the conflict in East Ukraine.

About Great Commission Media Ministries

Great Commission Media Ministries (GCMM) is an evangelical non-profit media ministry founded more than 40 years ago by Dr. Hannu Haukka that conducts high-impact Mega City Media Saturation Campaigns in cities around the world with the message that God gives the power to change. Megacity campaigns utilize a symphony of mass media, including radio, television, billboards, call centers, and thousands of volunteers to deliver the Gospel message. These campaigns have been completed in cities in Russia, India, Tanzania, Uzbekistan and more. GCMM also produces satellite programming targeted at Muslims in the 10/40 window, as well as bible distribution to reach people with the Gospel message.

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