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ORLANDO — At the 2021 Fire Conference, Christ for All Nations’ (CfaN) President Daniel Kolenda, announced the forthcoming launch of Nations Church! With plans to open in August 2021, Nations Church will be a thriving, life-giving, evangelistically orientated, local church with a focus on serving the Orlando, Florida area. The announcement made alongside his wife, Rebekah, comes on the heels of news that the organization has led more than 80-million souls into salvation through faith in Jesus Christ since its founding by Reinhard Bonnke in 1974. Heading into the 2020 decade, God inspired Kolenda and his team with a vision to reach as many souls in the next decade as were reached in its first forty. Now, envisioned as a missional hub for a community of Christ-followers and their families, the Nations Church is a natural outgrowth of the vision for a “Decade of Double Harvest.” In Kolenda’s words, “When the Lord said, ‘Multiply and Collaborate,’ I knew that this would require more than just good systems and structure (although these are critical as well). I knew that above all, it would require community, relationship, and proximity. I knew that people would come from around the world to be part of something bigger than the sum of its parts… and that has already started to happen.”

At the 2021 Fire Conference, Christ for All Nations' (CfaN) President Daniel Kolenda, announced the forthcoming launch of Nations Church
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Daniel Kolenda, who will serve as lead pastor, said, “We are living in perhaps the most amazing time of church history. What we have seen God do over the last few decades all over the world, gives us faith for what we know He is going to do right here in Central Florida.” Christ for all Nations has 14 offices in 12 countries on 6 continents, but Orlando has served as CfaN’s global headquarters for more than 20 years and Kolenda himself is a native Floridian. Leading a church may seem like a daunting task for a leader who is already engaged in evangelism on a global scale. However, in keeping with the Biblical model, Kolenda won’t be alone in the endeavor. Even now, a dream team of leaders and pastors is assembling to provide the highest quality local pastoral care.

It is important to note that Nations Church is not replacing Christ for All Nations in any way. The two are completely separate entities. However, in addition to its local emphasis, Nations Church will provide a community for the army of laborers that are coming together under the Christ for all Nations’ banner. In fact, CfaN is not even cutting back on its global evangelistic work. Instead, the organization plans to increase its outreach from 7-8 annual Gospel Campaigns to 43! That number doesn’t even include the hundreds of additional collaborative efforts that will be ongoing within the team. And long-time supporters of CfaN will be glad to know that Christ for all Nations is not taking its focus off Africa where the bulk of evangelism has taken place since the ministry’s inception. In fact, CfaN will focus more intensely on Africa than ever before, launching local bases, conducting more crusades, and pressing into new nations and territories.

If you would like to learn more about Nations Church, including how you can get involved, visit the pre-launch website at www.WeAreNations.Church. If you’d like to learn more about Christ for All Nations, visit

About Christ For All Nations

Founded by Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke in 1974 and now led by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, Christ for All Nations (CfaN) continues to pioneer mass-evangelism in Africa and beyond and to equip the church to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission. To date, more than 80-million people have chosen to follow Jesus at a CfaN Gospel Outreach Campaign meetings marked by supernatural displays of God’s power to heal bodies, restore lives and change communities. With offices in countries around the globe. CfaN produces written, musical and video content that can be found online and seen daily on TV stations around the world.

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