One Story: Nepalese Christian Woman Suffering But Committed to Christ

NEPAL — In rural Nepal, thousands of Nepalese Christian converts like Shanti* suffer discrimination and even violence. When Shanti’s husband reacted angrily to her decision to start following Jesus, she found support from another believer.


My life was sorrowful before I came to Christ, but it became more difficult after I came to Christ. My husband always used to beat me and tell me not to go here or there. You started following Christianity. Who provoked you and told you to do so? It is not our religion. It is a cow-eating religion. He kept saying this and that. I boldly told him that whether I live or die, I will follow Christ. I will serve him and will not turn back.

In rural Nepal, thousands of Christian converts like Shanti suffer discrimination and even violence. When they embrace Christianity, it’s seen as a betrayal of their traditions and culture. So Shanti’s husband reacted angrily to her decision to start following Jesus.


At night, when I sat to pray, he grabbed my hair and beat me, and he scolded me. “Don’t stay with me but leave the house immediately. Go wherever you want.” He also threw my Bible into the water. I stayed away for a week and kept the Bible for four days in the sun to dry. After a week, I went back home. Then he came to my workplace and beat me. I used to work as a daily labourer, but he came there and physically assaulted me in public. Other people came and saved me. After that incident I left the house again.

But Shanti was not left alone in her troubles. She went to stay with a fellow Christian.


Through that sister, I came to hear about this ministry that supports persecuted believers. I also met an Open Doors partner during two days of training in another place. He shared more about this ministry and helped me and encouraged me not to be dismayed. He also told me, “You are under God’s protection. God will provide for your needs.” He told me to pray when I am dismayed and assured me that God would surely answer my prayers.

After some time, I was helped to start a petty shop. With the money, I bought items to set up and run the shop. Through it, I can manage the household expenses.

Back at home, Shanti’s husband was drinking, and his health worsened. But Shanti took him to hospital, gave him medicine, and prayed for him too.


It’s been a month now since he stopped drinking. He doesn’t say anything now. He says “You pray and wherever you want to go, go happily and come back happily.” God has changed him a lot. I still hope and have faith in God that he will surely change him fully. God has heard my prayers and now I have peace.

*Name changed for security reasons

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