New Life Radio Broadcasts Message of Peace from Ukraine

ODESSA, UKRAINE — New Life Christian radio station is broadcasting a message of hope and peace throughout the Russian speaking world via satellite from their studios in the port city of Odessa in Southern, Ukraine. They remain on standby to quickly re-locate if Russia invades the country. However their director Daniel Johnson explains their strategy to continue broadcasting the Gospel throughout the Slavic nations.

As tensions between Russia and Ukraine intensify, New Life Christian Radio station in the port city of Odessa in Southern Ukraine remains steadfast in sharing a message of hope and peace in the midst of this crisis.

Their director and founder Daniel Johnson says even if Russia invades Ukraine they will keep broadcasting the Gospel message to their listeners throughout the Slavic world.

Daniel JohnsonNew Life Radio Founder and Director:

We would still maintain our staff in Odessa even if Russian soldiers are coming up the street of our building, while at the same time we have radio automation in Moldova that can actually carry out the broadcasts. We’ll continue to produce material in our studios in Odessa. But the threat is real and nobody knows today what’s going to happen. But we are prepared to continue broadcasting and this will be the third time that we’re facing re-location.

And New Life Radio is serving their listeners via satellite throughout the Russian speaking world including Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

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