Gospel for Asia: 10 NGOs Providing Relief to Kerala Flooding Victims

The southern Indian state of Kerala was hit with severe rainstorms in August 2018, resulting in devastating floods. Thousands were driven from their homes. Hundreds lost their lives. Since the beginning, charities and NGOs have been at the forefront, running flood relief camps, donating resources, and raising money. The return to normalcy is still ongoing. Many are still displaced and are waiting on repairs and resources. Here are a list of 10 organizations who are on the ground in Kerala:

  1. Red Cross
    Red Cross utilized their vast network and immediately began to perform rescue missions. Vans, boats, and even helicopters were used to rescue individuals trapped by the floodwaters. Red Cross has partnered with Airbus Foundation to cover even greater distances. Now Red Cross is working on assisting people who are still in relief camps with healthcare and other basic needs.
  2. Gospel for Asia
    Gospel for Asia (GFA) responded by utilizing on-the-ground networks of workers who helped rescue hundreds of people, provided immediate critical relief to stranded families and in relief camps, equipped victims with tools to help them rebuild long term, set up medical camps, and partnering with local churches and communities to bring aid where it most counts.

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    Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported church member collect funds to help provide relief to the Kerala flood victims.
  3. Uday Foundation
    Uday Foundation’s specialization in healthcare and disaster relief allowed them to quickly and effectively mobilize bring much-needed basic resources to areas devastated by flooding. Trucks marked “Kerala Flood Relief” arrived in rescue camps bringing towels, toiletries, shoes, and pajamas, among other items.
  4. OxFam India
    Oxfam India responded with an emphasis on food and water, hygiene, and temporary shelters. Safe drinking water was a big focal point for this organization, as lack of clean water can significantly drive up the death toll following a natural disaster.
  5. Christian Aid
    Christian Aid has helped over 20,000 people affected by the Kerala floods. Many families lost their livelihoods in the flood, and Christian Aid, partnered with local organizations, is replacing farming tools and other items to help families generate income. Much of their work is also focused in underserved, Dalit communities.
  6.  Seva Kitchen
    Seva Kitchen brings freshly cooked meals to hospitals and needy populations. Through mobilization of individuals and companies, Seva has been able to provide flooding victims with warm meals in hospitals and relief camps.
  7.  Save the Children
    In addition to providing basic resources such as clean water and mosquito nets, Save the Children also set up ‘Child Friendly Spaces’ to provide counselling and support for children going through trauma.
  8. Goonj
    Goonj has partnered with many local Kerala-based organizations and businesses to raise money for the flood relief effort. Goonj has also donated a variety of clothing for men, women, and children.

    Kerala, flood, response, health, aid
    A volunteer doctor at a health camp gives a check up to a victim of the Kerala flood.
  9.  Doctors For You
    Doctors For You is a coalition of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who have banded together to provide medical aid to victims of the Kerala flooding. In addition to assisting in overcrowded hospitals and clinics, Doctors For You also has set up emergency clinics in relief camps and other areas.
  10.  Islamic Relief
    Like many other NGOs, Islamic Relief is partnering with local organizations to funnel money, food, and essential supplies into areas that are still recovering from the floods. Islamic relief is particularly concerned with ensuring that families are able to rebuild and return to their vocations.

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