Oil-rich Venezuela crisis continues to grow, with food and medicine shortages


Oil-rich Venezuela crisis continues to grow, with food and medicine shortages.

Amidst cries of “we are hungry,” Venezuelans are increasingly robbing stores of food and medicine as panic grows across their country, which has 481 percent inflation. Coupled with a drought that inhibits the nation’s hydroelectric production, the communist government has also declared a two-day workweek.

This financial and social crisis is happening in one of the world’s most oil-rich nations with a communist-led government set up by the late Hugo Chavez and now run by President Nicolas Maduro. Many observers believe the nation is on the brink of “complete disaster.”

The pressing issue of food shortages has led Venezuelan Catholic Bishops to seek permission from Maduro to import food, medicine and other basic goods to offset the rise in “murderous and inhuman crime.”

Pray for resolution of the economic crisis in Venezuela and the church’s efforts to bring relief.

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