One Year Since the Syria/Turkey Earthquake, Churches are Rebuilding

SYRIA — One year on from the devastating earthquake in Syria/Turkey in February, 2023, large numbers of people are still mourning, recovering or rebuilding their lives. Open Doors highlights some of the Christians who were directly impacted.

KamalLatakia, Syria:

It’s terrifying and sad to remember the night of the 6th of February. I can’t describe how terrifying it was. The thing I could do back then, just praying to God.

DinaLatakia, Syria:

To be honest, it was a hard time on everyone – a very difficulty day. We had to leave our homes due to the huge earthquakes and aftershocks.

Antoine Deeb – Latakia, Syria:

We opened the gates to all Syrian people, from all backgrounds and denominations. Without you, we wouldn’t have been able to feed them, provide water, and warmth.

LinaAleppo, Syria:

Thanks to God and to the church, and thanks to all the support and donations, we were able to return and restore the houses.


Your support encourages us to stay here in this blessed land even when so many of our children and people have left. May God bless you. Thank you.

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