Open Eyes Is Accelerating Access to the Gospel

WHEATON, IL – The men on the motorcycles are “Mobile Messengers,” and they are heading out to share the Gospel of Christ with people who live in hard-to-reach places. The Mobile Messengers play a significant role in the ministry of Open Eyes,

Open Eyes’ Mobile Messengers are recruited from indigenous Christian, leaders sharing the Gospel with people who have not heard it yet.Open Eyes’ Mobile Messengers are recruited from indigenous Christian leaders. They are trained and equipped for sharing the Gospel with people who have not heard it yet, establishing new communities of believers, and providing practical aid to people living in the most underserved areas of the world.


In just a dozen years, Open Eyes donors have seen the initial return on their investments in eternity. In that brief period of time,

  • 1,200 Mobile Messengers have been sharing the Gospel in remote villages and communities.
  • 2,600 new churches have been planted in which believers can live in the harmony of the Christian community and become equipped to share the Gospel with others.
  • 401,000 people have decided to follow Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

The numbers are truly astounding. The Gospel message is the same, but it is being delivered more quickly via the motorcycle-riding Mobile Messengers.


Open Eyes has recently embraced three new areas for evangelization and aid.

Syria has been devastated by years of brutal civil war. Over 80% of the people live well below the poverty line. Families live in the absence of adequate healthcare. In addition to lives lost in the war, families are faced with malnutrition, pollution, and the effects of enduring continual trauma.

Open Eyes will employ free healthcare to minister much-needed aid and to introduce displaced Syrians to the True and Living God.

Nepal will soon experience its own cadres of Mobile Messengers. In addition to motorcycles, these messengers with be equipped with cell phones for advanced Bible training and real-time communication. The messengers will also help the Nepalese to develop sustainable businesses and thriving Christ-centered communities. The goals include having 200 Mobile Messengers activated and 200 churches started by 2025.

Uganda has already become a center of activities for Open Eyes. The ministry is focused on educating the young South Sudanese children living in the Kiryandongo Refugee Camp. More than 500 students between the ages of three and 12 are already enrolled in the Jan Care School with which Open Eyes collaborates.


Open Eyes has a goal of achieving several remarkable goals by the year 2030. Those goals include

  • 10,000 Mobile Messengers trained, equipped, and working in the field.
  • 10,000 communities transformed by evangelism, church planting, and relief & development.
  • 1,000,000 new followers of Jesus every year.

We encourage you to pray for Open Eyes, for their Mobile Messengers, and for the Lord’s clear direction and blessing upon their ministry.

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Source: Open Eyes, Official Website

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