Over 2,200 Churches Unite to Evangelize for Jesus

ORLANDO, FL — Christ for All Nations (CfaN) just completed their third “Operation Decapolis” – a Gospel Outreach Campaign that simultaneously targets to evangelize multiple cities or regions (up to 10 at a time). The gatherings were held in 6 different areas of Tanzania’s largest city, Dar es Salaam. Dar es Salaam is densely populated. Roads are usually jammed with standstill traffic. It can take hours to travel from one part of the city to another, making it difficult for the entire city to be able to attend an event. But by offering 6 simultaneous Gospel Campaigns in 6 different areas, the CfaN Evangelism Team greatly increased the number of people they were able to reach with the Gospel in the region.

Christ for All Nations completed "Operation Decapolis" - a Gospel Outreach Campaign that targets to evangelize multiple cities or regionsEvangelist Kolenda has enlisted graduates of the CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp to help carry the ministry in each crusade to implement this multiplication strategy. Every night Kolenda travelled to a new crusade and preached in one of their five services.

While an Operation Decapolis Campaign requires a tremendous amount of logistical groundwork, the rewards far outweigh the efforts. As Evangelist Kolenda posted on his social media platforms,

“Tonight, I started out preaching in the Kimara section of Dar es Salaam, where Evangelists Evelina Smane and Denis Artyushevskiy are stationed. After preaching the Gospel, they ministered to the sick, and amazing miracles happened.” In addition to thousands of salvations and an outpouring of Holy Spirit, miracles from the 5 days of gatherings included:

  • A Muslim lady was in an accident a year ago and could not walk without pain. She gave her life to Jesus and was healed. All the pain left her body, and she could walk!
  • Another woman was having problems with bone marrow in her legs and could not walk without a cane for many years. Jesus healed her, and she was able to walk without her cane.
  • A man who was deaf in his ear for 16 years was healed.
  • A woman who was deaf in both ears for three years was healed.
  • A woman who was blind since she was a child was also healed!

While these massive outdoor gatherings are often noted for their scale, what God is doing behind the scenes is no less incredible. More than 2,200 churches were involved in the organizational process, and multiple thousands of local volunteers joined together to reach their community with the truth of God’s love made known through Jesus. The meetings are more than Evangelism events – they are at the heart of a broader strategy to grow meaningful churches in every corner of the earth. To that end, CfaN uses a digital system to send every new convert a text message that points them to a local church. Pastoral teams are also provided with contact information to follow up with these new followers of Christ and invite them into the discipleship process alongside a church in their neighborhood. This system has fostered church growth across Africa, and the Tanzanian church is no different. God’s promise to CfaN’s founding evangelist, Reinhard Bonnke, is coming true in our day: Africa will be saved!

The operation also relied on 120 CfaN volunteers. Collectively, that team worked more than 40,000 hours to prepare for the monumental six-site event. Altogether, that’s 19 years of 40-hour work weeks! Events on this scale are not possible without the prayer, volunteer time, and financial support that CfaN partners generously give. And Evangelist Kolenda and the CfaN team cannot say thank you enough to everyone who has joined with them to make it possible to reach so many for Him.

To learn more about CfaN, visit www.CfaN.org. To learn more about Daniel Kolenda and to read more stories from the recent Operation Decapolis Campaign, visit www.DanielKolenda.com.

About Christ For All Nations

Founded by Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke in 1974 and now led by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, Christ for All Nations (CfaN, cfan.org.uk) continues to pioneer mass-evangelism in Africa and beyond and to equip the church to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission. To date, more than 80-million people have chosen to follow Jesus at a CfaN Gospel Outreach Campaign meetings marked by supernatural displays of God’s power to heal bodies, restore lives and change communities. With offices in countries around the globe. CfaN produces written, musical and video content that can be found online and seen daily on TV stations around the world.

CONTACT: Sam Rodriguez, Director of Product Development, 407-854 4400, srodriguez@cfan.org

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