Panamanian Politicians Anointed in a Day of Reflection

PANAMA —Despite recent challenges, the Christian community in Panama united for a spiritual resurgence, warning politicians candidates for the upcoming elections about proposals that contradict fundamental values.

Warned by Apostle Edwin Álvarez, two presidential candidates received the anointing, highlighting a call to reflection. From Panama City, Ezequiel Emilio Alfonso reports for Hosanna TV.

The Rod Carew Stadium was filled with hope and faith during the anticipated “Day of Anointing 2024,” marking a triumphant return for the Christian community in Panama, despite recent events that shook the nation due to the resounding rejection of mining in the country and acts of corruption that have marked Panama’s recent history.

Among the crowd, some prominent figures from Panamanian politics were present. Only two presidential candidates, out of the nine who will be on the ballot for the upcoming May 5th elections, received the anointing from Apostle Edwin Álvarez. Pastor Álvarez warned the candidates that if they promote and approve abortion or same-sex marriage in their campaign proposals, they will have to answer to God because Panama is a pro-family nation.

Pastor Edwin ÁlvarezApostolic Community Hosanna:

“Here it has been denied and the Supreme Court has declared it unconstitutional because the Family Code establishes that marriage is between a man and a woman. And any of you who dares to violate that will have to answer to God.”

The Day of Anointing not only marked a triumphant return for faith in Panama but also established a call to conscience for the political leaders seeking to guide the country’s destiny. In a symbolic act that transcends politics and religion, the day concluded leaving a mark of hope, faith, and reflection in the hearts of all those present.

Panama, once again, rises with strength towards a future of unity and renewed spirituality with the God of faith.

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