Pastor Nihad Asks For Prayer for Beirut

BEIRUT — Churches in Lebanon are requesting urgent prayer following the explosion that wiped out Beirut’s port on Tuesday 4 August. The damage caused by the explosion will likely have a disastrous effect on the distribution of aid in the country, as well as the already-dire economic situation.

Since the disaster Open Doors Partner Pastor Nihad and his church have been distributing vital food supplies to families who survived the explosion.

Pastor Nihad, Beirut, Lebanon

The moment the explosion happened I was in my house. I was standing looking at the fire that erupted. I looked at it and said ‘God have mercy on whatever is happening down in Beirut.’ But I saw the flames of fire rising even higher and something like the shape of a mushroom appeared. And it came in our direction and when it did I got blown away by the air and the dirt and the debris.

At that time I thought about Psalm 91 – I will rescue him because he is attached to me.

Also – A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but you will not be harmed.

At that moment the Holy Spirit was reminding me of that Psalm so I wouldn’t be afraid.

Pastor Nihad asks for prayer for Beirut.

I went to the church with my family. I told them to go up to the church and I sent a call via the church group. I got to the church and I found all the glass from the windows broken and shattered on the floor and all the debris stuffed in here. I called a brother who has a motorcycle and made a tour and visited more than 50 houses to check whether they needed food or water.

It is our personal initiative to give food to those who suffered damage and to bring the food right to their houses. I am confident and I believe that, just like in the Old Testament when the spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the earth and He removed and restrained the work of the devil, I am sure that the spirit of God will still remove this nightmare and the destruction and the blackness that is here and the light of Jesus Christ will shine. Because He said ‘I am the light of the world and your are the light and the salt.’

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