Peruvian Churches Donate Blood for Cancer Patients

PERU — In Peru, an initiative led by Christian youth, recruited volunteers to donate blood, to help save lives and improve the health of sick children amid COVID.

Boys and girls undergoing chemotherapy, and being treated for leukemia, heart surgeries, burns and other medical emergencies benefitted the most from these blood donations. 36 Peruvian Church locations participated in the blood drive.

As a gesture of goodwill, members of the Christian Missionary Alliance Church in Lima, Peru donated more than 1,500 units of blood to benefit almost 5,000 cancer patients, including children undergoing chemotherapy and treatment for leukemia and burns.

Nelly Gutierrrez, National Institute of Children’s Health:

“Due to COVID, volunteer donations have decreased since the donors have been staying at home. And that’s why we came here, knowing that this church is a caring institution that always works with us to benefit our children.

The units of blood were sent to eight different hospitals, including the National Institute for Children’s Health.

Lucero Sulca, blood donor:

“I felt it was needed for the people, and especially for the children, who are in the hospital, and I wanted to do my part.

The donations were received at 36 Christian Missionary Alliance locations, 14 of which are in Lima and another 22 are in the provinces.

Dr. Jorge Jo, Physician and Christian Missionary Alliance pastor:

Speaking of blood, is like talking about the blood of Christ. If the Lord Jesus Christ offered up his blood to give salvation, to us sinners, the blood that we give to help so many children, and not just children but whoever needs it, is a demonstration of love, just as God showed us his love through his son Jesus.

The blood donation drive was also acknowledged by the Peruvian Ministry of Health on its official web site. A demonstration of the outreach of the churches to help the community at this difficult time.

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