Police Officers Pray with 9-Year-Old Boy Before Brain Surgery

Jalen Manns and the Warner Robins K9 Officers. Jason Lambert is R of Jalen

WARNER ROBINS – Jalen Manns is nine years old. For the most part, he is a pretty normal kid. He loves dogs and, in particular, German Shepherds. He has a collection of stuffed German Shepherds in his bedroom. He calls them his guard dogs. He also has something that most nine-year-old boys don’t. Doctors discovered a Thalamic Glioma tumor on his brain.

According to the Weill Cornell Brain and Spinal Center, a Thalamic Glioma tumor originates in the connective cells of the brain in the proximity of the thalamaus just above the brain stem. This extremely rare cancer is usually not discovered until the tumor restricts or blocks the flow of cerebrospinal fluid causing headaches and vomiting.

Jalen’s family created the Team Jalen Facebook page to share his story. A member of the Warner Robins Police Department saw the post and the members of the force went into action.

After contacting his mother in advance, several officers from the K9 Unit arrived at Jalen’s home at 6:00 a.m. as he was preparing to go to the hospital for his surgery. They introduced him to K-9 Kojak, K-9 Ollie, K-9 Kastor, and K-9 Argo before accompanying him to the hospital where they remained with him until he went into surgery.

Most importantly, one of the officers, Jason Lambert, led the entire group in prayer for Jalen before departing for the hospital. The video of that prayer has been going viral as people show their appreciation for a police officer who is not afraid to pray in Jesus’ name.

Jalen’s mother said, “Those officers were incredible and I couldn’t have asked for a better group to have been with my son Friday morning. Officer Lamberth, the officer that spoke the prayer, gave an absolutely incredible prayer.” Here, in part, is what Officer Lambert prayed.

“Lord heavenly father, we just come to you now, Lord God, asking for your words of encouragement and strength today.

“Lord we know that it is your will and divine intervention that has made this day possible. Lord, be with them in the operating room today. Guide their hands. We pray for Jalen that you would heal his body, Lord God. Heal him from the things that are hindering him right now, Lord Jesus.

“Lord God, we know that your touch and your blood can heal him right now. We pray for the family—that you would guide them and keep them safe. Give them strength throughout this trying time. Let them know that you’re with them. We cry out to you right now, Lord Jesus.”

After hearing about the video and its going viral, Officer Lamber told a local TV station, “I don’t want the attention. It’s not about me. It’s about God. It’s about Jalen and getting his story out there.”

The entire video is available on the Team Jalem Facebook page.


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