Praying Is the Key, Praying Movement in Romania

ROMANIA— Praying is one of the pillars of Christian life. It is the way in which believers are getting closer to God by looking for answers and guidance for the different problems that occur in their lives. Along the way, in Romania started lots of praying initiatives which involve Christians from every confession. We will find out more about these from the next story.


The whole world is now facing huge economical, sanitary and political crisis. That’s why there is a need for unity among Christians and a deep implication in fasting and prayer.

Viorel BirauPastor, Pentecostal Church, Suceava, Romania:

It is not an opinion or a personal option or a personal ambition, it’s biblical and we can see Jesus in the Bible praying in the middle of the night. We learned from Him. Before Revolution we used to pray in the middle of the night, we learned from Him. After Revolution we used to pray in the evenings, we learned from Him. I told my brothers, there is nothing new about this, it’s and old habit. We lost this habit along the way maybe, but there is a great need of prayer in these times that we are living in.

Praying is a discipline and it’s part of the spiritual life of a believer.

Claudiu LepadatPastor, Holy Trinity Church Timisoara, Romania:

There is a progression of prayer. It doesn’t stop, it doesn’t have a limit. The prayer starts in your heart and it ends it the heart of God.

Viorel SidorHoly Trinity Church, Bistrita Romania:

The prayer is a strong foundation. Through prayer you can conquer the Devil, through prayer you can be filled with the Holy Spirit, through prayer you can receive the fruits of the Spirits so that you can be efficient in God’s ministry, and I can’t think of an authentic Christian who doesn’t pray.

Usually, the churches have periods of prayer and fasting in their program.

Marin BlojPastor New Generation Church Targu Mures, Romania:

The praying from Friday is always the praying that is building the Sunday service.

Viorel Birau:

Right after the pandemic started, we prayed in our families every night from 9:00 pm. And in the same period of time, we launched another prayer time, every morning, from 5.30 am to 6.30 am, an hour of praying.

Marin Bloj:

We launched this fasting and prayer program of 21 days, today is the second day and I want to talk about spiritual awakening.

More than that, churches and religious organizations started chains of prayer. Some of these started long time ago, one example is in Bistrița, at Holy Trinity Church, where this is happening for more than 25 years.

Dumitru RosuHoly Trinity Church Bistrita Romania:

Every day, from Monday to Friday, we have this prayer group and there are coming a lot of people and they are very happy that they have this prayer group because God is listening to their prayers.

Also, in Baia-Mare, there is a multiconfesional prayer group that was founded 7 years ago.

Mariana Narita – Baia Mare:

I have learned in this group that we have to be very specific. For example, if we pray for the country, what are we going to ask to God? Your prayer program was very helpful, also.

Mariana Ligia Pop:

A prayer group will always come before God with lots of reasons. First of all, for family. Secondly, for the church. Thirdly, for the country, the city or the community in which they live.

Besides the prayer groups, there are being launched chains of prayer for different causes. Such an example was done by Radio Bistrita and Holy Trinity Church on the 18th of March 2020.

Cristian RaucaProgram Director, Radio Bistrita:

We continue to pray and we will do so until we receive from God what the Bible tells us. Because we believe the Word of God and based on the promise of God we believe that if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray, then I will heal their land.

Recently, the Prayer Network started a 3-day time of prayer and fasting, for all believers to humble themselves before God.

Mirela Petan – Alfa Omega TV:

This time I felt that God wants us to humble before Him, to tear our hearts before Him, just like the book of Joel is saying, to be not just practicants of forms and religion, without power.

The ministry of prayer and fasting is the calling of each believer, no matter the confession.

Claudiu LepădatPastor, Holy Trinity Church Timisoara, Romania:

There is nothing complicated to understand that you, a simple person, you don’t have to be pastor, priest, bishop, or have any hierarchical degree, but you have to a simple believer, man or woman, young, child or elder, you have to love God and believe that God has a solution for the situation in our country.

Jesus Christ is telling the apostles to pray, showing that in the place where two or three are gathered in praying and in His Name, He is also there.

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