Rescuing Pakistan’s Brickyard Children

PAKISTAN – In August 2019 Northern Ireland Christian couple Maurice and Maureen Wylie visited Pakistan not realizing that their lives would never be the same from that one visit! Previous to the trip, they had asked what could they take with them that would help the children and the parents of the brickyard? Expecting to hear, clothes or sweets, they were taken back when the children asked… “CLEAN WATER!”

After attaining permission, a water pump was fitted, children and parents receiving clean water for the first time.

Now as part of their charity Rescue Their Cry they’re seeking to provide long-term freedom to these countless enslaved children.

After a life-changing trip to the country where they saw first hand the extreme exploitation of those known as the brickyard children, Maurice and Maureen Wylie have launched a charity called Rescue their Cry to help set these young people free from this life of slavery.

Maureen says one of the first things they were able to provide was clean drinking water for these enslaved children.

“Working in the heat of the day some unclothed, permanent marks on their shoulders from carrying the bricks. And yet here they were waiting on water being pumped out for the first time. But I’ve never seen children so desperate to get a drink before. To keep them healthy to keep them alive really and that was the part that touched the most was that these are lives that we can help.”

Wylie concluded by explaining how are seeking to provide long-lasting freedom to these young lives through a rescue centre called the Ark.

“So are objective at this moment is keep them alive as best we know how to with the future prospects of bringing them out, teaching them. We have teachers at hand who can help them with the promise that they can get jobs and that secure feeling. And once they have built up a revenue of income for themselves and know how to manage life again really, then they can go forward. And that’s why it’s going to be called the Ark. We’re going to call it the Ark because this is them going out two by two. And we do believe that’s what God has given us and they can then go forward and walk into the fulness of who they are meant to be in this life.”

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