The Rio Refugee Team


By Agência Brasil Fotografias

The Rio refugee team was the first of its kind in the Olympics. Never before had there been a team of refugees in Olympic history.

UNCHR reports, “Hailing the first-ever refugee team as “true Olympians”, UNHCR Deputy High Commissioner Kelly T. Clements has praised its 10 members of for helping to change world’s perception of refugees.”

Just like with the Olympics, the Paralympics had its own set of refugees.

According to RT, “As was the case at the Olympics, a refugee team has been formed in order to draw the world’s attention to the plight of people around the world who feel the need to risk their lives to escape persecution.”
Both the Olympic and Paralympics teams have returned to their camps and new homes. They have been hailed as heroes.

CNN explains, “The 10-strong team that competed under the Olympic flag at Rio certainly touched the hearts of many across the world.”

Wilson Kipsang, a 2:03 marathoner uses his fame in Kenya to spread the Good News.

Kipsang gives this testimony to Cru, “You can’t go to church to win a race or ask God for prize money. God wants to see what is in your heart. God’s main purpose for me is to worship and glorify His name.”

Please pray that Kipsang, that he would continue to use his fame to glorify God and that many would come to know the Lord from it. Please pray for each of those who were on the Rio Refugee team, that they would come to know the Lord if they don’t already and that they would glorify God by what they do. Also pray for that those on the Refugee team would be able to escape persecution.

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