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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK / KIGALI, RWANDA– Typically, the first word that comes to mind when we hear the nation of Rwanda mentioned is “genocide.” An estimated one million Rwandans were massacred within a three-month period during 1994, adversely affecting the nation for years to come.

We hope, when you hear about Rwanda, you will think about ROC Partners, Christ’s Church of Rwanda, & the Kigali International Community School
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ROC Partners (originally the Rwanda Outreach and Community Foundation) was formed in Oklahoma in 2006 following a series of interactions with Rwanda’s Christian president, Paul Kagame. Some of those meetings took place in the U.S. Others were in Rwanda.

The establishment of ROC Partners and the development of its mission on the ground was guided largely by administration, trustees, staff, faculty, and students at Oklahoma Christian University. The university continues to be influential in the work in 2020.

ROC Partners’ objective is to invest in the people of Rwanda through faith-based initiatives, education, and community development, facilitating projects and fostering partnerships that advance these goals.

Dr. Kagame’s government helped to establish the headquarters and launch site for ROC to house a church and school community for Christ’s Church in Rwanda (CCR) and the Kigali International Community School (KICS). Additional partnership support was provided by Food for the Hungry, World Relief, Opportunity International, and USAID.

During the months of March and April 2007, Christ’s Church in Rwanda opened its doors,and the existing KICS relocated into the new joint facility.

Both the CCR and KICS have experienced substantial growth since opening at the new location in Kigali.

The church had reached an average attendance of 100 within its first six months. Today, the church attendance averages between 380 to 420. CCR endeavors to bring a positive, Christ-like influence into the community. Its vision is to become a planter of other strong, Bible-believing churches in Rwanda and its neighboring countries.

Its current projects include the Vulnerable Children’s Ministry, Spoken For (a ministry to foster and find permanent homes for orphans), and the Itorero Project. The latter promotes the practice of Biblically values in Rwandan businesses. The Ministry of Local Government has partnered with CCR to advance this program.

There were 45 KICS students in the school when it moved to its current location. Today, it has 45 highly-qualified staff members serving the students. One of those teachers is the child of a KICS founding family who graduated from Wheaton College following her student years at KICS. Today, KICS is fully-accredited by the Associated of Christian Schools International. Student enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year is 283.

Our hope now is that, when you hear Rwanda mentioned, you will think about ROC Partners, Christ’s Church of Rwanda, and the Kigali International Community School.

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Source: ROC Partners, Official Website

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