Rohingya Being Sent Back to Myanmar from Bangladesh

The Rohingya who escaped to Bangladesh to flee violence from the military are being deported and sent back to Myanmar in the next two years.

The Rohingya people are being deported back to Myanmar. Source: Seyyed Mahmoud Hosseini

According to BBC, “Myanmar has agreed to accept 1,500 Rohingya each week, Bangladesh says, adding that it aims to return all of them to Myanmar within two years.”

The United Nations is concerned about the agreement Bangladesh and Myanmar made. Per The Guardian, “The UN secretary general, António Guterres, said the repatriation deal finalised in the Myanmar capital, Naypyidaw, on Tuesday also needed to clarify whether Rohingya would be permitted to return to their homes or live in specially built camps.”

Bangladesh has more than a million Rohingya in their country.

Channel News Asia explains, “Bangladesh has counted more than a million Rohingya refugees living in camps near the border with Myanmar, higher than previous estimates, the head of its registration project said Wednesday (Jan. 17) as preparations for their return got underway.”

The Rohingya are nervous about what may be facing them once they get back to Myanmar.

The BBC reports, “Both countries have agreed the repatriation will be voluntary. And most refugees say they will only return if their safety can be assured, their homes rebuilt, and if they are no longer subjected to official discrimination. None of these conditions is in place.”

The biggest fear of the UN is that the Rohingya will be moved to camps in Myanmar.

The Rohingya have been mistreated by the Myanmar military, which is why the Rohingya fled to Bangladesh.

Channel News Asia explains, “Doctors Without Borders has said at least 6,700 Rohingya Muslims were killed in the first month of the crackdown.”

The problem is that Bangladesh hopes to deport the Rohingya at a quicker rate than what is planned.

BBC reports, “At 1,500 refugees a week it would take almost 10 years to bring back all 740,000 who have left since October 2016. Bangladesh hopes that flow can be increased. But as matters stand it is difficult to see how.”
Mission to the World seeks to bring God’s love to the Rohingya through one to 11-month internships. They do this through various ministries including teaching them English.

Pray for the Rohingya as they return to Myanmar, that the situation will get better for them.

Pray for the ministry of Mission to the World and Samaritan’s Purse, that they would be able to find freedom in Christ through their ministries.

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