SAT-7 Celebrates 25 years in the Middle East

NICOSIA, CYPRESS — After 25 years of Christian broadcasting in the Middle East and North Africa SAT-7 is celebrating this remarkable milestone, as they continue to reach millions of their viewers with the message of Christ. GNA spoke to their founder Terry Ascott who shares how they never dreamed they would have the growing media platforms they now have to impact this region.

Christian satellite television and digital media network SAT-7 is celebrating 25 years of broadcasting in the Middle East and North Africa.

SAT-7’s first modest two-hour transmission was a trailblazer since it was the first time that Christians from the region had gone on television to share their faith publicly. Twenty-five years on, SAT-7 airs four 24/7 channels in the three main languages of the Middle East and is watched by over 25 million people. Their founder is Terry Ascott.

The idea that we could actually get to 24 hours of programming every day in Arabic was almost unthinkable. But to also have a channel for children in Arabic 24 hours a day, also have a channel in Persian or Farsi, also have a channel in Turkish, these were unthinkable.

Ascott went on to reflect on key highlight seeing the amazing response to their broadcasts in Iran.

It’s such a seemingly difficult country to reach out to, but the hunger for authenticity, the hunger for spiritual reality there in that country has been really amazing. You see this passion and commitment for Christ from people from all different backgrounds that make it so rewarding.

And looking to the future of SAT-7 plans to continue to be trailblazers for Christ in reaching this region, which recently included the launch of SAT-7 Plus the Middle East’s first on-demand Christian video streaming service.

About SAT-7

Launched in 1996, SAT-7 ( — with its international headquarters in Cyprus — broadcasts Christian and educational satellite television programs to more than 30 million people in the Middle East and North Africa. Its mission is to make the gospel available to everyone and support the church in its life, work, and witness for Jesus Christ. SAT-7 broadcasts 24/7 in Arabic, Farsi (Persian), and Turkish, using multiple satellite channels and online services.

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Source: Global News Alliance, SAT-7 Celebrates 25 years in the Middle East

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