Seeds of Hope for Lebanon

LEBANON — A field ministry team with Christian charity Help The Persecuted in Lebanon reports declining conditions across the country — from massive shortages of necessities for survival: food, fuel, electricity, and medicines to the increase of violence and political unrest. At the same time, Lebanon is dependent on Ukraine for a significant amount of its grain, which is compounding the issue.However their work is providing seeds of hope to the country through their farming project that will feed thousands of people and provide livelihoods for persecuted Christians.

While the scale of the economic crisis in Lebanon has reached unprecedented levels with massive shortages of food, fuel, electricity, and medicines Christian charity Help The Persecuted is bringing seeds of hope to the country through a major agricultural project that will enable them to feed literally thousands of people.

Speaking from a farm on the outskirts of Beirut Help The Persecuted CEO and President Joshua Youssef explains more about their response to this crisis.

Joshua YoussefHelp The Persecuted CEO and President:

Greetings from Lebanon at our Help The Persecuted farm on the outskirts of Beirut where we have set up 11 greenhouses producing an assortment of vegetation. We currently now produce 35 truckloads a month worth of vegetables. This is going to feed thousands of people in the greater Beirut area.

What’s happened here is catastrophic. You’re looking at 40% unemployment. 80% of the population are malnourished. The valuation of the Lira has plummeted. This country is in an economic crisis. And through our Help The Persecuted crisis response we’ve been able to do projects like this farm and projects where we deliver meals to people and emergency relief kits.

And these 11 greenhouses will enable their field response team to produce enough vegetables to fill 35 full-size pick-up trucks every month, provide enough food to open multiple job opportunities to the persecuted community — giving families food, a livelihood, and a purpose.

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