Pastors in Taiwan Preach Peace, Patience in Midst of Social Tensions from Coronavirus Epidemic

TAIWAN – Since the novel coronavirus outbreak, Taiwan is rationing surgical masks causing long to become a common occurrence. Recently, rumors of shortages have also led shoppers to stockpile toilet paper and other necessities. In some industries, workers are being put on unpaid leave.

With rising social tensions in this part of the world, a series of prominent pastors from Taiwan have recorded messages of challenge and encouragement to communicate how people should wisely live out the values of our Christian faith during these difficult times.

Pastor Chen-Hua Chang, Change Life Church:

“If we are filled with peace instead of fear, we are less likely to be deceived, to get into the shopping frenzy, or to propagate these rumors. If you are fearful, you can become irrational. It’s time for Christians to show testimonies of true peace. People should see in us the difference God makes.”

Pastor and MD Ying-Ching Tseng, Hallelujah Home Church:

“I believe God will provide. If we keep our faith, I believe God will triumph soon. If you’re on unpaid leave, be patient. Many people are in the same situation. I believe God’s children must rise up and impact this generation.”

As the epidemic spreads globally, anti-Chinese sentiments have been on the rise. In Italy, for example, Chinese people have even responded with an antidiscrimination campaign called, “I am not a virus.”

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong adressed this phenomenon:

“Some people are boycotting Chinese people. It’s the wrong attitude, and a bad example overall. This attitude only causes more fear. It won’t help you solve the problem. So I hope everyone can understand. This isn’t an international or racial problem. It’s a public health problem.”

Pastor Chen-Hua Chang, Change Life Church also talked about it:

“Never has a campaign solved discrimination. The ultimate answer is the Gospel. Don’t let bitterness and hate take hold [toward] the Chinese people. To the contrary, we must overcome evil with love and overcome evil with good.

Pastor Po-Jen Cheng, Transform the Kingdom Network:

“I believe there will be an economic dip. Everyone will be facing a tough economy. We should show God’s love by loving each other. Christians should love each other. We must also love our neighbors as ourselves.”

An online campaign in Taiwan, “I’m okay, you go first,” calls for medical professionals to have priority to receive masks. Churches are also offering refreshments for people waiting in lines, and prayers that Christ’s command to love others as ourselves will have a greater impact during this time.

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