Simin, a Christian Imprisoned for Leading a Church in Iran

IRAN —Islam and the regime in Iran have destroyed the identity of women,” says Simin*, a Christian in the Middle East who participated in a training by Open Doors on discipleship. Today, in addition to helping other women overcome the pain of persecution, she also prepares them to serve God

When Simin decided to follow Jesus, her life was transformed. She found purpose and hope, but she also faced many difficulties.


We had to flee. We had to flee our country because they threatened to take our daughter. We fled because there was no other option. It was our only way out. They said goodbye without any remorse, all because of my faith in Jesus Christ.

After starting secret meetings to share the Gospel at home, she and her family were surprised.


It was a hot summer morning, around 6.30, when we heard the bell ringing. The first thing we thought was, It must be a representative of the water or electricity company, or even a service provider. But suddenly, 12 people entered our house, forced the door and turned everything upside down. 12 police officers entered and registered all the rooms in the house.

Then they took Simin and her family to the police station to question them.


The room where they questioned me looked like it was taken from a movie. There was a big mirror on the wall and a very bright light on my face. The researcher handed me a piece of paper and asked me to write. He asked me to write on this paper the names of all those who attended our domestic church and also to describe the activities we did.

Simin only gave the name of the Christians who knew they had already fled the country.


The authorities became furious and threatened to take her daughter. I was very worried. I prayed, “God, you have entrusted me with this girl. Please keep her safe and give her back to me.”

At that moment, the only option for Simin was to flee Iran. Today, the family lives as refugees in another country.


In the place where we are now, we don’t have stability, and we are going through some difficulties. But God is using me as a mother and a wife to support other women who are going through the same circumstances that I went through. I feel very happy. I feel that even in the most difficult situations, I have a purpose. God is working through me to encourage and support women, those with a broken heart and the identity stolen by Islamic oppression.

After receiving open-door training, Simin began a ministry for women. She prays for the protection of the Christians of Persian language and for the Middle Eastern Church,

For the Gospel not to die in places where there is persecution, prepared leaders are needed. Join us in this project to empower women like Simin, allowing her to lead in domestic churches in the Middle East.

*Name changed and actors used for security.

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